Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships by Donna J. Farris

Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships

By Donna J. Farris

  • Release Date: 2011-07-30
  • Genre: Family & Relationships
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It is very difficult for someone who has not experienced the terror of an abusive relationship to comprehend such a life. Those on the outside listen to the horror stories of emergency room visits, terrifying ordeals in the middle of the night, and frightened children forced to witness the violence. And sooner or later, one of the most commonly asked questions is verbalized. "If things are so bad, why don't you just leave?"

Has that question ever crossed your mind? You may have a friend or family member who has finally mustered the courage to tell you physical violence has been an ongoing reality in her marriage. She tries to communicate her fears of further injury, her concerns for the safety of the children, and her anxieties about leaving. You pray with her, counsel her to seek safety, and do your best to provide resources to assist. Yet you encounter a puzzling and continual hesitation. What's going on?

"Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships" was written to answer such questions. Contained within its pages are some of the typical reasons women are so reluctant to leave an abusive relationship. While by no means an exhaustive list, the book does provide those on the outside with a glimpse into the world of relationship violence. And by understanding the complexities of the struggles battered women face, readers will be better equipped to offer insightful, compassionate, and effective counsel and intercession.


  • Sad

    By the cat empire strikes again
    This very serious topic is used to promote an extreme Christian group and its way of thinking - which, interestingly, encourages women to submit to the wishes of 'the lord' and to give up their own power (empowerment). Exactly the opposite of what is required psychologically for a woman - or any person - to stop being drawn to people who will hold all the power in a relationship and abuse it. If you truly want to escape domestic violence then you have to do some personal growth work to discover how to step out of the passive, pleaser, victim, dependent, invisible, 'what can I do to help you' roles and embrace your own inner authority, power, instincts, self belief etc roles. You will need to acknowledge old patterns where you habitually place your partner in the dominant position and put yourself in the receiving position. You need to learn to become whole and how to relate as equals. There's help out there with this type of work - start with a google search on relationship bonding patterns, advice and so on. And you don't have to submit to an all-powerful lord to be spiritual! There are many paths which offer love, light and empowerment and respect for all people.